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If you know you will need latchkey services next year, please plan on attending one of our latchkey enrollment nights on May 9th or May 12th. Please see the flyer here for a list of information to bring with you. 
We had a great time learning about making health choices and the human body yesterday during Body Venture. Check out our experience below!
Don't forget that Wednesday, April 6th is the last day to order a yearbook for $10. Click here to download an order form. A very limited number of yearbooks will be available to order after April 6th for $15 each. 
Click here for the April newsletter!

We are working very hard to help our students be at school ON TIME – ALL DAY – EVERY DAY!  There’s so much learning that students miss when they are gone.  We have been celebrating students each month for Perfect Attendance instead of waiting until the end of the quarter.  We had 63 students earn Perfect Attendance in February and 97 earn it in March!  Thank you for your work to have your students at school!  
Our final school-wide Science Event of the year is an egg drop!  All students will be participating in this favorite McLean event.
The Mission: To design and build a container to safely land a raw egg when dropped   from 50 feet.
Students may use any design and any materials to safely package a large raw egg so that it will not crack when dropped from a height of 50 feet.
The containers will be launched by an adult from the bucket of a fire truck on Friday afternoon, April 29.
Students are encouraged to test their egg package at home and make improvements if needed before the event.
Containers are to be brought to school the morning of Friday, April 29.
1. Your container may be any shape – square, round, oval, etc. However the container’s largest dimension may not be more than 12 inches.  Containers that exceed This limit will be disqualified and will not be launched.
 2.  All entries must be labeled with:
  • student’s name
  • teacher’s name
  • grade level
 3. The egg must be enclosed in a sealed Ziploc bag.
 4. You must be able to retrieve the egg from your container.
 Awards:  All students whose egg is un-cracked will receive a small prize.
Will you have a Kindergarten student next year? Come to Kindergarten Round-Up for parents’ most asked questions! 
• Visit Kindergarten classrooms.
• Meet teachers, administrators, and support staff.
• Find out about immunizations and other requirements.
• Get information on district Kindergarten standards.
• Learn how you can be actively involved in school.
• Pick up an information packet.

McLean's Kindergarten Round-Up is Tuesday, May 10th at 10:30am. Call the McLean office at 973-8250 to reserve your spot. Bring your child's immunization records and birth certificate to complete enrollment forms. 
Do you have a Dillons Plus Card? If so, you can help raise money for a new video mixer for McLean! Just log in to your reward account online and sign up for community rewards. Click here to see the full step-by-step instructions. When you search for our school put a space after the "c". We are listed under Mc Lean on the Dillons' website.  
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