We will begin using Hall Pass Visitor Management in our school beginning Tuesday, Sept. 2. Click here for more information on Hall Pass and how it will impact our school's visitors.
McLean News
Our first school-wide Science Event of the year is “happening”!  All students will be participating in this new McLean event.
  • Students will design and construct a diorama/model of a habitat of their choice using recycled or household materials.
  • Projects will be made at home and brought to school Wednesday morning, October 15, 2014.
  • Parents may assist students, but the project must be student work.
  • No kits or commercial models are allowed.
  • This is a school-wide science event for all students.
Students may paint their faces like an animal from their habitat. This is optional.
Click here to download the full guidlines.
For our full September Mac Memo, click here.

Welcome to the 2014 – 2015 school year! We are off to a great start with many new things happening. We began our year with online enrollment for our families – thank you for participating – we hope you found the enrollment experience a little quicker for you. We are also getting ready to begin implementing our Hall Pass Visitor System. This was a program chosen by our Superintendent and Board of Education to help us keep our safe schools safer and also count the hundreds of hours of volunteer time given to our schools. Be watching for information as it comes out so we can help you better understand our changing system. In September, we will ask all visitors to sign in when visiting/working with students during the school day 8:50 – 4:20.

McLean Magnet also received some very special recognition for great efforts to make our school a better place. Our No Tardy Tators program earned national recognition from Safe & Civil Schools as a way to help motivate students to come to school on time. Our attendance data showed gains and we will continue this work to ensure that all students are here benefiting from school with our On time…Every day…All day efforts. Our teachers are teaching from bell to bell and we want to make sure that all of our students are here for their learning!
We were recognized for our school and community recycling efforts – last year we were the top recycler from Elementary Schools, earning $300 for our school. We had the highest weight per student recycling 47.53 pounds per student. Thank you for the work and please continue to utilize our recycling bins!
Nothing is more important than providing a safe, secure and high-quality learning environment for our students at McLean Science & Technology Magnet. We know from Superintendent John Allison’s Community Conversations last year that parents feel our schools are safe, and want them to continue to be even safer!

Over the first two months of the school year, every school in our district will begin using a new visitor management system called Hall Pass. This system was piloted in our district last spring, and parent and staff feedback was overwhelmingly supportive.

Hall Pass will quickly scan a visitor’s driver’s license or government-issued ID and perform an instant screening for sex offenders. Visitors will receive a custom-printed photo ID badge to wear while they are in school. Hall Pass will also help us better track and recognize the many hours that our volunteers contribute to supporting our students each day.

Our system will be located in the main office. Once implemented, visitors who come to our school and who have the opportunity to interact with students will be required to sign in using this new system each time they visit the school during bell hours (8:50 – 4:20).  Our school will be making adjustments to our building’s arrival procedures, so be sure to look for those changes as we all implement Hall Pass.   Frequent school visitors may also receive a key tag with a unique number that allows for quick check-in on future visits, and the tags will work at every district school.

Our system will go live on Thursday, August 28th. To learn more about the schedule, as well as how the system works, visit visitormanagement.usd259.org. As we strive to create an even more secure learning environment for our students, it is our hope that parents and other visitors will find this a welcome enhancement.
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